House Rules & Dress Code

House Rules

The Union League Club seeks to provide a sanctuary from urban life.  Our rules are designed to promote traditional standards of decorum and to maintain a sense of oasis in the Clubhouse.  

Clubhouse Attire

On weekdays, until Friday at 4:00 pm, jackets are required for gentlemen and appropriate equivalent dress is required for women. Ties are required only during dinner hours in the Mary Murray Room and Lounge and at evening committee events, except where the event announcement states otherwise. Jackets may be removed when playing billiards.  

Blazers and ties are available for guests to borrow while visiting the Clubhouse.  

On weekends, starting at 4:00 pm Friday afternoon, jackets are not required, but are encouraged. Although appropriate casual attire is permitted on Saturday and Sunday, members and guests are expected to dress in a manner respectful of the membership and the Club. Collared shirts are required for men, and jeans and trousers must be in good condition.  

On Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day weekend through the last weekend in September, members and guests may wear dress (e.g. Bermuda style) or golf shorts in the Clubhouse.  

Members are at all times responsible for ensuring that their guests are aware of and comply with the Club's dress code.  

Private event hosts may, at their discretion, permit "business casual" attire in those rooms rented exclusively for their event.  Business casual is defined as collared shirts and proper trousers for gentlemen.  

Hats and coats must be checked in the coat-room or kept in guest bedrooms. Hand luggage is not permitted in the Union League Café, Bar & Lounge, Main Dining Room, or Mary Murray Room.  

*Members and guests going to or from the outside to the overnight rooms, fitness center, or squash courts are not required to comply with the dress code but are expected to be respectful of the Clubhouse, the membership and our guests.

Reciprocal Club Members

Visitors from reciprocal clubs are required to register at the front door, indicating clearly their name, home address, and the name of their home club. Local residents who are non-resident members of reciprocal clubs shall not be extended any privileges of the Clubhouse. Visitors from reciprocal clubs must comply with all House Rules.   

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