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38 East 37th Street | New York, New York 10016 | 212 685-3800

The Union League Club remains “a private organization of a social nature,” dedicated to national integrity, civic purpose and gracious company.

House Rules

  • Traditional business attire, jacket and tie for gentlemen and equally formal attire for ladies, is required throughout the Clubhouse on weekdays between Labor Day and Memorial Day. During the summer season, neckties are not required in the Main Bar or Club Room. Appropriate casual attire is permitted throughout the Clubhouse on Saturday and Sunday. Appropriate casual attire (no jacket) is acceptable for members and visitors going to or from the overnight rooms, the fitness center and the squash courts. Members are reminded that the Club has blue blazers for loan in the Coat Room. Denim, sneakers, athletic apparel of any description, or immodest attire are never permitted.
  • Hats, coats, and hand luggage must be checked in the coatroom or kept in guest bedrooms.
  • Business meetings requiring the display of papers may be held in the Main Lounge on the first floor or in private rooms.
  • Business meetings requiring laptops and/or other visual aids shall be held only in private rooms.
  • Use of wireless communication devices in the Clubhouse is restricted to telephone booths and private rooms.
  • The use of identification badges shall be confined to private rooms.
  • Any professional entertainment in the Clubhouse planned by a member or guest must be approved in advance by the House Committee.
  • Photographers must receive prior approval by the House Committee, abide by our dress code and be restricted to their assigned room.
  • News reporters, invited to the Club upon prior approval of the Secretary, shall abide by our dress code.
  • Except for those staying overnight, guests may not wander through the Club unless escorted by a member.
  • Gratuities are not permitted.