Personal Services

Valet Service

Laundry can be returned in 24 hours. Pick up must be made by 9:00 am. Contact Housekeeping at Extension 815. Irons and emergency toiletries are available from Reservations at Extension 214 or from the Front Door after 8:00 pm at Extension 206.


For housekeeping needs contact Extension 217. After 3:00 pm contact the Front Door at Extension 206.


Car Service and limousines are available through the Front Door at Extension 206.


Open Tuesday and Friday. To make an appointment, call (212)751-7423. 


All outgoing telephone calls are subject to a $1.00 service fee. Direct dial calls are billed on a per minute basis with charges based on distance and time of day.


The Reference Library on the Second Floor is open throughout the day. Please return any borrowed books prior to departure.

Fitness / Squash

The Squash Courts and Fitness Center are located on the Basement Mezzanine. Overnight guests may use the fitness equipment at no charge. Whites required and are available to borrow in locker rooms. Use of the squash courts can be arranged with the pro who is on duty from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.